MediaTek Introduces World’s First Multimode Inductive And Resonance Wireless Charging Solution At CES 2014

Posted on Jan 7 2014 - 11:53am by Editor2

MediaTek today announces successful development of multimode receiver technology for inductive and resonant charging using in-band communications.


MediaTek offers advanced, cutting-edge wireless charging technology with enhancements over previous solutions. Traditionally, wireless charging has been done through tightly coupled technology, commonly referred to as inductive. MediaTek’s solution has adopted loosely coupled technology, commonly referred to as resonance, and offers significant advantages over today’s inductive approach. The major benefits include:

• charging devices with freedom of movement with easy, imprecise placement of the device
• charging multiple devices concurrently from a single affordable charger coil
• charging different sized devices with largely different power needs from the same charger
• charging different devices with vastly different form factors free of the need for precise coil to coil alignment
• charging devices across distances, through furniture or even walls
Along with the highly differentiated resonance solution MediaTek brings innovative multimode receiver technology that enable users to charge their devices from existing inductive chargers or new resonance chargers. MediaTek is the first in the industry to take this step of providing true multimode capability.
Mark Estabrook, Director of Strategic Marketing at MediaTek, is anticipating an expanded ease of use and convenience for users turning to multimode resonant charging solutions. “Most analysts agree that the adoption of wireless power is being slowed by competing specifications,” said Estabrook. “MediaTek has developed leading technology that will overcome those specification differences even across such different technologies as induction and resonance.”
According to Ryan Sanderson at IHS, a leading analyst in the field of wireless power, “2013 saw 20M wireless charging receivers shipped into the market, the majority of which were integrated into mobile phones and tablets, enabling and supporting wireless charging straight out of the box. IHS forecasts this number to grow to 700M by 2018.”
“From a business viewpoint, MediaTek’s technology helps to ensure that capital investments already made in chargers for the home, office, retail and automotive markets will be protected, while providing the benefits of resonant charging with new resonant chargers,” Estabrook added. “Users benefit from being able to charge on virtually any charger platform regardless of underlying technology employed. “
MediaTek’s multimode receiver wireless power solution employs another unique and innovative technology and that is the use of in-band communications for power control in both the inductive and resonant modes. MediaTek’s in-band communications provides reliable communications with greater simplicity and higher value than proposed Bluetooth implementations for resonance.
MediaTek envisions an inclusive future where inductive and resonant wireless charging can be made interoperable on a global basis. “Industry leaders must work together to quickly adapt to the natural path of technology adoption in order to deliver a complete ecosystem compatible with every device. This is essential to gain the trust and deliver on the needs and wants of the consumer,” added Estabrook.