LG Super UHD TVs 2017 Delivers More Accurate Colors Through Nano Cell Technology

Posted on Jan 3 2017 - 11:05am by Matt Holtzen

LG unveiled its LG Super UHD TVs 2017 feature Nano Cell technology, which allows for more accurate colors, deeper blacks and a wider viewing angle. There are three models in LG Super UHD TV 2017 lineup: the SJ8000, SJ8500 and the SJ9500.


Nano Cell sees uniformly-sized particle, each a nanometer wide, across the screen and provide more accurate and consistent colors. The Nano Cell technology absorbs excess wavelength, preventing unwanted color blending (such as from green to blue or yellow), fading and other effects that reduce the vibrancy of the picture. Nano Cell technology also reduces reflectivity to maintain high quality picture even in environments with ambient lighting.

“LG Super UHD TVs 2017 lineup with LG’s proprietary Nano Cell technology is a breakthrough in display technology that advances the LCD TV viewing experience by combining an expanded color gamut with the ability to more accurately create those colors, resulting in superior picture quality regardless of viewing angle,” said Tim Alessi, Head of Product Marketing at LG Electronics USA. “Nano Cell is another example of how LG is innovating and pushing the boundaries of display technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

LG has also partnered up with the Hollywood color experts Technicolor to create a Technicolor Expert Mode, which has been designed to deliver the most accurate colors possible in LG Super UHD TVs 2017 lineup. This partnership enhances the impressive color reproduction technologies of LG 4K TVs to deliver the most vivid colors to customers.

All the three models offer Active HDR with Dolby Vision supporting multiple HDR formats, granting users access to the full spectrum of high quality HDR content. All models feature the latest version of LG’s intuitive webOS smart TV platform, powerful audio capabilities and a thin aesthetically pleasing design.

LG webOS 3.5 is equipped with enhancements for easier control and faster access when using the Magic Remote and the new Magic Link feature. Viewers quickly access their favorite content by pressing a single button on the remote.