TAO – The World’s First Mobile Isometric Exercise System – Now Available To Backers

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 5:25am by Editor2

TAO-Wellness, the startup that showed the TAO WellShellTM to the world as a prototype during CES, is turning to Kickstarter to meet consumer demand and deliver the world’s first mobile, isometric exercise system. TAO is a portable, interactive and motivating exercise tool that turns downtime into exercise timeTM. The patented TAO system includes the handheld device, called the TAO WellShell, and a comprehensive app for Android and iOS devices.  The TAO system is available to backers on Kickstarter now through April 17, 2014 at 9:03 a.m EDT, and is scheduled to be delivered in late fall 2014.


“We received a great deal of interest from the tech and fitness community as a result of our launch at CES,” says Philo Northrup, President and Co-Founder of TAO-Wellness. “But the question we kept getting asked was, ‘When and where can I get a TAO?’ We decided to optimize TAO for manufacturing and turn to Kickstarter to deliver them to our supporters as quickly as possible.”

The TAO approach to fitness and wellness focuses on simplicity, balance and harmony. With TAO, users can exercise at their desk, on the airplane, while watching TV or watching the kids.   The exercises – called “Variobics™” – use the same isometric principles as Pilates, yoga and planking. However, TAO takes it a step further by adding a dynamic element.  It requires you to vary the pressure by coaching you through your workout, and then electronically capturing the results.  People at CES were blown away – doing a set of reps with TAO is serious exercise. TAO is validated – tested by thousands of people at CES.

How it Works

You push, TAO resists.  TAO comes with more than 50 isometric exercises explained clearly in the phone app.  Simply hold the TAO WellShell in your hands (against your thighs, between your knees, etc.) and just press itTM. Push hard.  TAO’s app coaches you to press more or press less, and when to hold and for how long.  It shows a path for you to follow and measures the force you apply.  It also tells you when to rest and how many reps to do.

Here’s an example: work out your abdominals by pushing the TAO WellShell with both hands against the top of your thigh.  TAO coaches you audibly via the app to press harder, or ease up slightly; how to hold and for how long; when to rest and when to start your next rep.

Turns Downtime into Exercise Time

TAO’s exercises allow you to convert wasted time into healthy activity. “Our vision is to provide every individual with a simple, effective, motivating and time-saving way to enhance fitness and wellness so there is no excuse not to exercise,” says Dr. Kosta Yanev, Co-Founder of TAO-Wellness and the inventor of TAO.

TAO solves this problem for busy people by coaching them audibly and visually through the app to vary pressure, giving clear, measurable goals, and then giving credit for good work.

In a Sea of Trackers, Only TAO Provides Actual Exercise on the Go

The TAO app (Android or iOS) pairs with the TAO WellShell to coach users through the Variobic™ exercises, and allows exercisers to adjust the intensity and duration of the workout.  The app also receives heart rate, sleep and pedometer info from the TAO WellShell sensors.  It even offers gamification features to help you through your fitness routine.  Instead of following your exercise graph, you can control a downhill skier and compete with your friends.  You can also use TAO to control popular mobile games such as JetPack JoyRide, which was a favorite at CES.

TAO WellShell Design

Stylish and ergonomic, the TAO WellShell is designed to fit into the user’s hands, and is tough enough to endure the pressure of the vigorous and measured Variobic exercises TAO coaches you through.  The contour and clearly outlined pads guide the user on how to properly hold the device.  The TTP (Tilt, Tap, Press) navigation introduces a new way of buttonless interaction with the device through a combination of gestures.