Why You Need an Electrician to Install Your Solar System

Posted on Feb 25 2015 - 4:44am by Editor

You’re likely aware of the growth in solar systems on Adelaide roofs over the last few years – it’s really no wonder. As an alternative source of energy, solar panels allow property owners the ability to do their part by reducing our carbon footprint and also saving money on energy costs.

solar system installation

If you’ve ever tried to install them yourself, you’re most likely one of many who have realised there is more work and expertise involved than you first anticipated. If you’re in the market for a solar panel system, here are three reasons to hire a professional electrician based in Adelaide for the job:

Correct Setup and Installation

To be highly effective, solar systems must be set up properly. Optimal performance relies on expertise and correct installation. To give you the best possible return on investment, experienced electricians in Adelaide consider many factors such as the sun’s specific orbit in relation to your house, trees and other obstructions, and your home’s roof in planning the distinct set up.

Guard your Warranties

A warranty included with a solar system usually lasts several years. Often though, it may be void if the system is not installed by either a licensed professional or approved seller. When you elect to install it yourself, you risk entirely ignoring a warranty you may wish or need to refer to later.

Solar Systems are Delicate

When we think of solar systems, most of us visualise large, durable panels instead of tiny parts. However, a series of delicate parts make up the solar system and easily break if mishandled. If you’ve never had a solar system installed or do not have experience installing it, you could cause more damage than you realise if you don’t have a professional doing the job.

What an exciting time for energy consumption choices in Adelaide. Solar systems have evolved into more affordable and functional than ever alternative sources of energy. If you’ve never considered a solar system, now’s the time to! Consult with your local electrician to find the best fit for your needs and visit http://brightearthelectrical.com.au/ for more information or advice.