Why Buying A New Car On The Internet Makes Sense

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 6:57am by Editor

If you wanted to buy a brand new car, how would you do so? You would usually drive to your nearest dealership and seal the deal there and then.


Of course, buying a brand new car that way isn’t much fun for some folks. Dealers will often try to sell you optional extras, extended warranties and unneeded accessories. They do this so that they can make some extra commission.

A lot of folks loathe the idea of heading down to their local dealer for those reasons. But what if I told you that there is a better way of buying a brand new car? The answer is simple. I am, of course, talking about buying a new car over the Internet!

Here’s why buying your car online makes perfect sense.

Plenty of time for research

One thing I hate about buying brand new cars is that you have to make decisions there and then. Some pushy salesmen will persuade you to buy a car the same day so that you can “take advantage” of some special offer or promotion.

But when you go online, you can take the time to explore the different options open to you.

Having the freedom to research at your leisure is perfect for all new car owners. You can compare car specifications and decide which model is a good fit for your needs. A lot of the time, you will even come across models that dealers might not have on offer or tell you about.

Searching for new cars online gives you the freedom to make the right buying decision. It doesn’t matter whether you go online during the day or late at night. The Internet is always open for business! Dealer showrooms, on the other hand, are not!

Some dealers offer complete online ordering systems

When you buy a brand new car online, you will often have to visit a dealer like www.coopermini.co.uk to complete the deal. But some dealers are keen to extend the full buying experience to the Internet.

It benefits them because there are fewer costs involved with selling a car face-to-face. And it benefits buyers because they don’t have to deal with salespeople!

According to Time magazine, General Motors are trialling an online system called “Shop-Click-Drive.” In the future, you can expect most car makers to offer online ordering facilities.

Let’s face it; you can order pizza online, so why can’t you order a brand new car online?

Dealers can take care of shipping for you

What happens if you live a considerable distance from your nearest dealer? It can be a real pain to make your way to the dealership and drive your new car all the way back to your home.

These days, many reputable dealers can arrange to ship your new car direct to your home. Such a service offers convenience and takes the hassle out of buying a new car.

Have you bought a new car online? Share your experience with us!

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