Van Drivers: Make Sure You Travel With These Essentials In Your Workhorse!

Posted on Sep 3 2014 - 5:55am by Editor

As a van driver, you will usually have to spend a lot of time out on the road. You might have to collect and deliver packages for a living. You might even have a job as a plumber or electrician.

van driver

Whatever your vocation, you rely on your trusty van to transport you and your tools to many destinations each day. But did you know that you might have the right accessories for your van? Accessories help van drivers to have a safer and more comfortable journey.

In today’s blog post, I outline some of the most-common accessories that van drivers rely on each day to make their lives easier!

Roof racks

Cargo vans offer enormous space at the back. The bigger the van you buy, the more stuff you can carry! But there are some things that you just can’t carry with ease in your van. For example, if you have to carry some long timber, you don’t want to drive around with your cargo doors open!

One easy alternative is to fit some roof racks. You can buy them for any van, and they can get fitted in minutes by anyone. Roof racks give van drivers the added advantage of being able to carry more cargo. Or cargo with awkward sizes, such as lengths of timber.

Portable sinks

A lot of van drivers use those alcohol gel tubes to clean their hands when they are working somewhere remote. But sometimes they aren’t useful for removing all dirt, grime and chemicals.

Van drivers can buy portable sinks for their workhorses! It enables workers to clean their hands as if they were at home or some commercial premises.

Seat covers

All van drivers will tell you that their seats in the cabin up front get worn and dirty real quick! But if you own your van, you will want to keep your van looking as good as possible to maintain high resale values.

That’s why you should invest in some seat covers. As with cars, they are fabric covers that you just slide onto your seats. They are cheap to buy, easy to fit and are available in a range of sizes and colours.

Racking systems

Hank from the Vanwise Group says that racking systems are great for organising your tools and materials in the van.

Now you no longer have to spend ages searching for specific items, because they are right in front of you!

You can buy all sorts of racking systems for vans. Most are ready-made systems designed for specific vans. But some industrious van drivers make their own systems from scratch.

Stainless steel “A-bars”

It can be annoying when people back into the front of your van. I mean, come on! Vans aren’t exactly hard to spot, are they?

To prevent expensive damage to the front of your van from idiotic drivers, get a stainless steel A-bar fitted to it! If someone backs onto your van and hits the A-bar, trust me, they will know about it!

Thanks for reading today’s blog post!