Understanding the role of Technology in Nursing

Posted on Nov 13 2014 - 10:46am by Editor

While some sectors are synonymous with technology, others incorporate innovation and advancement in a far more subtle way. Take the nursing sector, for example, which is often considered more as an earnest and hard-working industry rather than one that is driven by technological development. The level of technology involved in the contemporary nursing sector would surprise many, however, as today’s front line healthcare professionals are required to master a range of complex machines and processes.

role of Technology in Nursing

3 Examples of Technology in Nursing

With this in mind, it is worth considering the unique applications of technology in nursing and how they have developed over time. Consider the following examples: –

  1. Clinical Information Systems

From the days of notepads and basic digital files, clinical information systems have been developed to amalgamate a host of patient records, laboratory tests and medical research data. These systems subsequently serve as an integrated, one-stop shop where medical professionals can access and edit a wide range of data. Instantly accessible online, these electronic records can be categorised and stored separately to make specific items of data easy to locate in a fast-paced, real-time environment. They can also be set up to provide patient alerts, which can help healthcare providers to schedule tests and identify potential medical issues as they develop.

  1.  Drug Retrieval and Delivery Systems

Utilising a range of technologies including bar coding and automated dispensing machines, drug retrieval and delivery systems have been created to effectively track and distribute medical packages throughout the world. They are also used to ensure that patients are given the correct medication and their prescribed doses, which is crucial if doctors are to regulate treatments in an organised and efficient manner. Alongside the development of wall-mounted displays and mobile medical charts, this technology has played a key role in automating the delivery of healthcare services on an international scale.

  1. Remote Recruitment Sites for Healthcare Service Providers

While technology is a pivotal driver of growth and change, it requires qualified staff to ensure that it is operated in an efficient and responsible manner. Technology has also played a role in revolutionising the nursing recruitment sector, however, with service providers such as Nursing Personnel offering an online hiring platform that promotes the very best talent within the industry. This is an understated but important driver of the contemporary nursing sector, as it connects recruiters with a wealth of motivated candidates who are keen to turn this profession into a vocation. Without passionate or hard-working staff, the nursing sector would be unable to function or deliver care and attention to patients.