Trends in HR Technology that will drive businesses

Posted on Nov 3 2015 - 6:08am by Editor

The world of business and commerce is very different from what it looked like just a few days ago. Advances in technology and advancements made in computer systems, software and the Internet have driven business into an environment that is dependent upon that computer technology. In some areas of business it is easy to see the influence of technology, but the impact of technology on other areas may be somewhat surprising. Human resources, talent management, and similar facets of the work day are heavily influenced by the use of technology. Have you recognized any links between HR and technology? What are the most dominant HR technology trends today? The depth of your understanding of the answers to these questions could affect the success of your business.

HR Technology

Get Picky About Software Solutions

Business leaders today have access to an overwhelming amount of software and programming. This has created an environment where leaders of HR departments can be very selective in the type of technology they use. One important trend today is the ability to choose top quality programming. This means that you can pass up a number of really great options because they aren’t the best fit for your business. An abundance of technology means that you don’t have to settle for something that’s great; instead you can purchase programming, software, or systems that are ideally suited to your needs.

Focus on Basics

Another trend, closely linked to the first, is a tendency on the part of leaders and administrators to consider how well their employees will implement the technology. With plenty of options from which to choose, employers can be very discriminating, ignoring many attractive features and focusing on the basic facets of the products. This might include usage and accessibility.

Use Social Media

It would be almost impossible to miss the importance of social media in the business world today. These tools are used to promote branding, improve employee relations, and interact with customers. This trend continues to increase and promises to become a very popular resource for both businesses and consumers. People like to feel that they are getting to know the people behind their favorite products. Can social media be used effectively as an HR tool to improve your business well-being? Businesses use these solutions effectively to promote increased communication and develop a cohesive atmosphere between employees. These are just two of the goals that can be achieved through the use of social media.

Let’s Go Mobile

When it comes to human resource priorities, managing how employees spend their on-the-clock hours is one of the top. How can administrators monitor performance without undermining a positive workplace atmosphere? Another important trend in the world of HR technology is that software is replacing the quarterly review. The right software allows employers to almost immediately recognize problems and prompt recognition for a job well done. This real time monitoring is cost-effective and efficient.

Finally, HR technology is moving into the realm of mobile devices. Business is rapidly taking on a mobile, global aspect. Businesses that want to remain competitive will need to seek out those software systems that provide this.