Travel Gadgets to Make Your Trips More Bearable

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 9:00am by Editor

Long trips can be a real pain. They can make you tense, bored, and frustrated. However, they are necessary in order to travel the world and get to the exciting places you want to go. The good news is, there are a few travel gadgets you can take along on your trips with you in order to make them more bearable. The following gadgets will make your trips fly by:

Travel GadgetThe Kindle

The Kindle is a great bit of kit to have, especially if you love reading. Not only can you download apps and games, you can take a ton of books with you, wherever you go. They are so easy to download too, with just one click! You’ll never have to let books take up room in your case or carry on bag again with a kindle. If you have an internet connection and the Netflix app, you can even watch TV on it.

The Playstation Portable

The Playstation portable is a great tool for gamers. If you’re often on your Xbox or Playstation at home, the portable lets you bring your favourite games with you. It’s great if you have kids too; it’s bound to keep them quiet for the duration of the journey.

The iPod

The iPod lets you listen to your favourite tunes on the go, not that I should have to tell you that. There are many different versions depending on your needs. There’s the mini, perfect for simply pressing play and go. Then there’s the newest iPod that allows you to download apps as well as songs. All good trips call for great music! With some apps, you can even sort out the rest of your flights and travel details with Garuda Indonesia in

The SatNav

Wherever you’re going, a SatNav can make sure that you don’t end up getting lost. Many SatNavs have the features to navigate you through other countries, or you can download extras that will make your trips easier.

The Portable Phone Charger

We all love our mobile phones. Whether we’re using it to call friends, take photos, or update our social networks. However, on holiday we don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel room; we’d all rather be out exploring! A portable phone charger is the perfect way to make sure you have enough battery to last you all day long.

The Digital Luggage Scale

Worried about packing too much? Fear not! The digital luggage scale is a handy little tool to have around, and will tell you exactly what your case weighs. This will allow you to dodge fees and know exactly how many souvenirs to buy.

Rechargeable Batteries

No matter what you’re taking away with you, it can’t hurt to have rechargeable batteries in your survival kit. Whether they’re for your camera or handheld fan, they’ll be a great help!

Travelling doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun, providing you’ve got some of the travel gadgets listed here. Do you have a favourite travel gadget? Leave a comment!