The Sound of Music

Posted on Apr 8 2014 - 6:18am by Editor

Every day technology is improving, even in a car sound system. Gone are the days of eight track players and cassette players in cars. You sometimes have difficulties finding simple CD players in cars as many have multiple disc changers so that drivers have a wider variety of music to listen to while driving.

Stereo systems in cars

Stereo systems in cars today have developed into a way of life that makes it easier to function. You can have a GPS system connected to your stereo so that you don’t get lost on long trips or those one-way streets. Some systems talk to you while you are driving, keeping you awake through a long night. One of the new features with systems is that you can speak the song that you want to hear, and it will play that song. All you need to know is the song title or the artist. You can even change the song in the middle by saying another title. Graphics on stereo systems have improved tremendously making it appear as though you are viewing a television screen instead of a stereo. The sound that comes from speakers is so rich that you can feel the notes flowing through your body as you drive. Only in the world of technology can one experience these benefits.