The Elements of an Appealing Website

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 5:09pm by Editor

There are several features that attract visitors to a website no matter what product or service is available there. These features can also prompt visitors to come back to browse the inventory. Here are some examples of those features.

online website builderClarity of Writing

The writing on a website should be clear and to the point. A person who is checking out the products or services on a website should be able to scan the words and get the idea of what is being conveyed. For instance, product descriptions should include the critical points of a product as well as the price. Most shoppers want to know the facts about a product without having to sift through a bunch of flowery wording that is unnecessary. In addition, the more succinct the product descriptions are, the more a person can read during a single visit!

A Colorful Site

The components of a website should be colorful. The colors should complement one another instead of acting as a distraction from the products sold there. A colorful website is inviting to a visitor and brings more interest to the products or services that are available. A website owner may want to consider changing the colors on the website to keep loyal customers interested.

Easy Payment Options

Someone who wants to purchase a product or service on a website doesn’t want to go through several complicated steps in order to pay. Most people are pressed for time and want to go through the check out process with ease. An easy payment system that accepts more than one type of payment is a plus for any commercial website. Someone interested in starting a website may want to take a look at something like online website builder.

Unique Elements

Finally, a website that attracts a lot of visitors often has several unique elements. For instance, a website may play a familiar tune when visitors click on a certain page. This is a nice surprise. Or, a website can have a unique background on the home page that captures peoples’ attention. If a shopper visits dozens of websites per day, he or she wants to see something fresh and new on a website. This encourages the person to stay on the site for several minutes. Naturally, the longer a person stays on a website, the more chance there is that the person will purchase something.