The benefits of having a mobile friendly blog

Posted on Nov 26 2014 - 5:15pm by Editor

If you observe people in any public space nowadays, you’ll probably see that most of them are browsing the web with their smartphone. People waiting for the bus, people taking the train, people having lunch, and even people visiting the toilet – there’s one thing they all have in common and it’s the fact that they spend every available moment reading their favourite blogs, commenting on their favourite forums and keeping in touch with their best friends. If you happen to be a blogger yourself, this is of course very important information for you – if only a few years ago most of your visitors were reading your blog on their desktop computers or laptops, things have now changed significantly and the majority of your readers visit your blog on their smartphones. Is your blog friendly to the growing crowds with mobile phones and what are the most important benefits of having a mobile friendly blog?


Mobile friendly blogs offer a significantly better user experience

We all know the feeling: we get an e-mail from a friend with a link that we’re very interested to check out. But once we click on the link, strange things happen. We are taken to a website that’s not optimized for mobile viewing, so we basically only see a part of the page. Unless we’re willing to spend hours of our precious time scrolling up and down, left and right, we won’t be able to really read the site. And the fact is that most of us won’t bother.

If a blog is mobile friendly, the whole user experience is much, much better. This means that your readers will enjoy reading your blog, will stay on your site longer and will be more than happy to come back. As the competition is fierce and the number of blogs out there increases with every passing minute, every single visitor matters – and you should fight for them with everything you’ve got.

Mobile friendly blogs load faster

A full version of the site can take ages to load on a sometimes painfully slow mobile connection, which is not something your readers will be happy with. Studies have shown that users tend to leave the page if loading takes more than 6 – 10 seconds. If your blog is not mobile-optimized, it can easily take a lot more time to load, which in turn means you’re losing valuable visitors. In worst case scenarios, your blog may not load at all.

A mobile friendly website is completely adapted not only to small mobile screens, but also to slow mobile connections. The code of the page is structured in a way that is compatible with mobile devices, so your readers should have no problems accessing your site in no time. This means more reading and less waiting, which should be the ultimate goal of both you and your readers.

Mobile friendly blogs offer an improved SEO performance

In a world where a couple hundred blogs appear and disappear every single day, it’s important to stay on the map. Sure, your blog has found its place in the bookmarks of your regular visitors, but for the millions of people who still don’t know you exist, it is of utmost importance that they are able to find you with the help of a search engine.

A mobile-optimized blog helps you improve your rankings on mobile friendly search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. This in turn ensures placement of your blog in a vast number of online directories, which makes it easier to find. This is especially important if you blog about a certain topic; with an excellent SEO performance, more and more visitors are able to find your blog and read your thoughts. With a few simple steps, you could significantly improve the size and the quality of your blog, which probably is (and should!) be one of your long-term goals as a blogger.