Specialized Waste Management for the Hospitality and Restaurant Industries

Posted on Jan 21 2017 - 6:31pm by Editor

The food service and hospitality industries generate a lot of waste that contains food, paper, plastics and cardboard. Managing these waste products are critical when it comes to eliminating stacks of recyclable products in back storage areas, or having disposed food potentially causing illness. Services like Miltek waste management help resolve these issues by offering sound, affordable products.

waste management

The Importance of Safety for Staff

Hotels with room service options, or internal restaurants will have to deal with waste products that contain high levels of food waste. Being offered the ability to compact the waste as it is generated is helpful to keeping all staff free of illness. The waste is only handled long enough to get it to the compactor. It is an easy solution to what used to be a huge problem for the hospitality industry.

Allows for Better Organization

Saving cardboard, paper products and plastic for recycling can be a headache if there is limited storage space to begin with. Using a baler makes sense and helps keep more floor area to store the items you need to run the business. Balers are dependable, quiet and efficient.

When Food Waste Management Is a Priority

Restaurants are going to generate a lot of food waste, whether it is uneaten products by customers, or food prep materials. Industrial garbage disposals help make short work of managing food and keeps the items from having to hit the trash cans. Very little food has to ever hit the waste compactor by using a heavy-duty garbage disposal. To stay in compliance with food safety, all old food needs to be disposed of in a safe and efficient manner. This allows the business to do so within acceptable safety guidelines.

Balers, Compactors and Disposals That Suit Industry Needs

Keeping things tidy, organized and running full-throttle is a great way to forge ahead in the industry. The use of affordable balers, compactors and disposals will make the job that much easier. There are a variety of sizes to accommodate the waste management needs of any size restaurant, hotel or hospitality-centered business.

Contact waste management specialists like the ones at www.miltek.co.au/ and see how they best provide solutions to your waste management problems.