Special Geophysical Imaging Gear For Business

Posted on May 22 2014 - 7:59am by Editor

Companies that want accurate underground images must find the SuperSting with WiFi or a comparable imaging unit if they want quality images of what lies beneath their feet. Tomography teams are tasked with producing complete image maps of large areas for examination. With the right equipment, proper maps can be produced of any area.

SuperSting with Wi-FiLarge Plots Of Land

Large plots of land must be mapped so that land developers can see what their land holds. The land could have everything from precious metal deposits to natural gas reserves. The only way to know where all these items are is with a complete map of the area.

Tomography survey teams can take real time images of the area and print them out in sequence. These images can build a map as the team does their survey work. The second that the survey is complete, the team can print the last image to complete their image map. Businesses and survey teams do not have to wait several more days to get a proper map of the area.

Sea Property

Areas that are underwater or on the sea must be mapped in similar fashion. The survey team can get an accurate image of the sea floor just off shore without sending in diving teams. The same imaging technology that takes pictures underground can retrieve images in relatively shallow water.

Highlighting Problem Areas

Survey teams that are using tomography equipment can easily highlight the problem areas they discover as they survey. A piece of land that is meant for housing may have gaps in the underground soil. The survey team can circle or highlight these areas as soon as they find them. Plus, they can continue their survey work with the purpose of finding the area of said hole in the earth.

Companies that use tomography equipment to survey their land can produce image maps of a large area during on surveying expedition. The survey team can create the image maps as they go, and problem areas can be easily highlighted to ensure there is no trouble once development begins. These images enhance the safety and profitability of each new project.