Reducing Startup Networking Costs for the New Small Business

Posted on May 30 2014 - 12:36am by Editor

When it comes to starting up a business, it could take thousands of dollars in order to buy essentials such as equipment and furniture. Networking equipment can be another expensive aspect of the small business that many owners neglect. However, a strong network presence in the establishment can lay the foundation for the company’s growth. The more efficient your networking capabilities are, the more protected and efficient your business becomes.

Networking Small BusinessThere is a wide range of products that can make the business more successful through networking. Everything from Cloud-based software for financial tracking to redundant storage methods need to be considered. While your small business may not have a lot of files to protect on the first day, a virus a year or two down the road could decimate the ability to be productive and force you to incur data recovery services.

In order to save money on developing a robust and functional network, many business owners look at purchasing refurbished components. Previously owned goods can save thousands of dollars during development while offering a stable environment. Often times, refurbished components work just as well as new items. Professionals will replace malfunctioning parts with new components in order to bring a device up to manufacturer’s specifications and functionality before selling the unit. This could mean that refurbished servers could be utilizing brand new memory or hard drive components in order for the device to operate at optimum efficiency.

In most cases, refurbished networking equipment is put through rigorous testing in order to ensure that the component works as described. This is more than a simple power-on test where a technician plugs the unit in to make sure it powers on. Every feature is examined to ensure functionality to ensure users have hardware that can maintain an intricate networking infrastructure.

Saving money on the network resources of the business doesn’t mean you have to settle for substandard merchandise. New and cheap equipment doesn’t mean that the network will be stable or long lasting. Refurbished brand name merchandise can offer the features and functionality that comes with those devices allowing you to develop that robust infrastructure without the robust cost.

Instead of spending a lot of money to develop a network from new components, get more for your budget by looking closer at refurbished equipment. Should you choose to replace those devices later, at least you can have a durable and strong network until you have the funds to buy the hardware you want. However, you may be surprised by how long you hold on to those refurbished items.