Reducing Downtime and Trouble Ticket Resolutions without Physical Appointments

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 9:18am by Editor

Within the average IT environment, downtime is viewed as the plague of all plagues. This is especially the case when the infrastructure supports a large business or major corporation. Submitted trouble tickets and unexpected server issues that arise require IT support staff to struggle with fluctuating workloads and frequently scheduling physical appointments that shift in numerous directions on any given day. Using a virtual support system, such as enterprise video conferencing solutions for IT employees, can lighten this blow drastically in several ways.

Trouble Ticket Resolutions

The Prevalence of Human Error

Even entry-level IT professionals know the danger of human error when it comes to technical support issues. Whether you have a family-owned small business or a Fortune 500 corporation with multiple locations, human error continues to be a major cause of issues that lead to downtime, server outages and submitted trouble tickets. One report states that 15 percent of all IT support issues originate with human error, per Venture Beat. Instead of dispatching a technician to these types of cases for physical appointments, hosting a video conference could identify and resolve most human-error issues in a fraction of the time.

Addressing Software Issues Remotely

Most hardware issues must be addressed and resolved during a physical appointment. In some cases, a physical connection (or lack thereof) is the root cause of the problem – an issue that could be resolved over the phone. However, with more advanced issues that go beyond physical connections, hardware issues would be very difficult to solve remotely. Fortunately, that is not the case with software issues.

While hardware failure accounts for 25 percent of IT support issues, software failure accounts for 13 percent. Hosting a video conference or even connecting and controlling a client’s computer remotely would allow most IT experts to investigate and diagnose the problem at hand. When it comes to failed drivers, improperly installed programs and stalled updates, these issues can be resolved without requiring an IT technician to leave his or her desk.

Training Leads to Less Trouble Tickets

With most advanced support issues, basic troubleshooting tips simply will not work. Therefore, escalating a trouble ticket to the IT team may be the only viable option. However, those advanced support issues are relatively rare in comparison to the vast number of issues highlighted on trouble tickets. Understanding basic troubleshooting tips can greatly reduce the number of trouble tickets that the average user submits simply because he or she would know how to handle those situations without assistance. Without the proper training to educate them, though, this type of reduction will never be realized. Virtual conferencing can also help to enhance the quality and efficiency of these training sessions. Due to fluctuating workloads, scheduling physical trainings for your entire IT team may seem like nearly impossible to achieve. As an alternative, hosting virtual trainings allow you to educate your employees without having a detrimental impact on your workflow.

Get Ahead of Data Breaches and Loss

Downtime does not just leave a door open for productivity and revenue loss. It also leaves more than enough space for data breaches and permanent loss as well. A 2014 study showed that more than 40 percent of U.S. companies experienced a data breach in 2013, per USA Today. Cybercriminals and hackers continuously search for opportunities to breach IT infrastructures. When these breaches occur, urgent resolution is required to stop the bleeding and control the damage. In these emergency situations, communicating with IT staff members and customers alike is essential. Hosting physical meetings may not be practical – especially since you more than likely want to control the number of people who know about the incident. Establishing a secure, password-protected video conference will allow you to maintain discretion and confidentiality while still divulging the pertinent details to the necessary people.

Conducting Meetings with Reduced Overhead

Video conferencing solutions work well within IT environments for more reasons than just resolving trouble tickets and diagnosing problems. Implementing this type of virtual communication within your IT team can also alleviate the burden of coordinating physical, face-to-face meetings throughout the year. With the vast number of changes that occur within the world of IT support, keeping your employees informed, educated and engaged should be a top priority.

However, this type of communication and correspondence is not effective if it is only sent through email messages. Keep in mind that their email inboxes are more than likely overloaded already with automated messages and correspondence from clients, customers, vendors and their fellow coworkers. Instead of spending time and money scheduling physical meetings to cover these updates and important topics thoroughly, a virtual meeting can be held as cost-effective alternative.