Practice Good Gun Safety

Posted on Jan 19 2019 - 10:01am by Editor

Avid hunters, public servants, military personnel or citizens who enjoy recreational shooting all need to consider the importance of firearm safety. It’s not just about carrying permits, legal ownership, weapons handling or shooting techniques. Gun safety begins and ends with firearm storage. To ensure you are absolutely covered in this area, a stack on electronic gun safe should be the storage of choice. As the saying goes- own it, respect it, secure it. Apart from this foundational rule, there are several other habits which encourage gun safety.

Practice Good Gun Safety

Keep it Down and Keep it Empty

When your gun is not in use, it should always be emptied of its shells. In the event the weapon is fired with proper control, it can prevent a serious injury. Even if unloaded, always make it a habit to keep the gun pointed down and away from others when carrying or waiting to fire.

Check Your Ammunition

Even if you consider yourself an expert, please read and obey each warning presented on your ammunition boxes and in your gun’s owners manual. Only use the recommended ammunition to avoid serious injury or damage to your weapon.

Look Beyond the Target

When you are out on the range or shooting at a target, be aware of your location and who else may be in the vicinity. Clear the area around and beyond the target to ensure no one is injured by a ricochet or badly aimed bullet.

Use the Right Protection

Always wear the right eye and ear protection when you are engaged in target practice or at a range. Exposure to the noise can damage your hearing over time. Eye protection is necessary to help protect from falling twigs, clay pieces, falling shot or any rupture that might occur during a misfire.

Gun safety is as much about protecting others as it is yourself. Simply getting into the right habits as you handle, shoot and store your weapon is the best way to avoid injury or property damage.