How to Care for your UTV

Posted on May 22 2014 - 7:54am by Editor

Proper care and maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your utility vehicle. If you don’t correctly maintain the vehicle, your expensive investment will become a useless piece of junk. Caring for your UTV isn’t all about buying polaris sportsman ace parts and accessories, and the following tips will help ensure your vehicle lasts for years to come.

UTVClean the Air Filter

If you don’t clean or replace the air filter in your utility vehicle, you will begin to lose horsepower and could even potentially ruin the engine. Running the engine with a dirty or clogged filter is one of the simplest way to quickly ruin your vehicle. A dirty air filter cannot stop dirt particles from being sucked into the engine and — over time — will wear the engine out and potentially cause serious damage. Casual riders should clean the air filter before the riding season brings, and then again if you frequently drive the UTV off road. If you drive in the dunes, the air filter may require cleaning more than once a day. A general rule of thumb is that if your face is dirty after riding then check the air filter and clean if needed.

Change the Oil

Just having enough oil in your UTV isn’t good enough. You must change the oil in your vehicle every once in a while. Over time, the oil will begin to collect gunk and junk including metal shavings from normal engine wear, water, dirt and debris. Seasonal riders should replace the oil at the end of the riding season. If you use your UTV in the winter months, make sure to replace the oil with the appropriate weight designed for cold temperatures. If you race your vehicle, consider changing the oil after every one of the races. No matter what you use the UTV for, at the very least you should change the oil once a year.

Wash It

A dirty UTV is ideal for problems just waiting to strike. No matter how much rain occurs in your area, it is not a good substitute for a proper washing with soap and water. Be it in your backyard or your local car wash, a deep-down washing is required to keep your UTV in tiptop shape. When washing your vehicle, don’t merely wash the areas that everyone can see. You must wash away the machine-eroding dirt that is hidden and caked underneath and in between the areas under the machine.