Elio Motors To Manufacture Three-Wheeled 80 MPG Car For Just $6,800

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 7:00am by Editor

Few people will have heard of a company called Elio Motors. They are a US-based startup, founded by engineer Paul Elio. By this point, you might be wondering what is so special about Elio Motors. After all, if few people have heard of this company, they can’t be that special, right?


But here’s the thing. It turns out that they aren’t “just another car maker.” The firm is working on a cheap car that promises a fuel efficiency of 84 mpg!

Intrigued? So was I, and I decided to write a blog post sharing with you some details on what this company is about, and what it aims to achieve!

What is the Elio?

The name of the flagship car launched by the firm is “the Elio.” It’s a pretty simple and easy to remember name, don’t you think?

The “Elio” is a three-wheeled car that looks pretty futuristic. It’s no Chevy Camaro, but then that’s not what the Elio is about. No, this car is more about maximising gas mileage in a country where motoring costs increase each year.

It’s a car for people that want a small, easy to maneuver vehicle for city and suburban streets alike. It’s for those that want to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle without paying a fortune to do so.

Elio Motors is already starting to take orders for this unique car. But what are its main selling points?


Perhaps the most-obvious point to bear in mind is that this car is super cheap! The Elio only costs $6,800 brand new. There are plenty of eco-friendly cars already on the market, but most of them are at least four times the price of the Elio.

The firm’s founder, Paul Elio, believes that Americans want an alternative car for their daily needs. And also, an alternative buying experience! Mr. Elio is keen to point out that the $6,800 price tag is a “no-haggle” price.

Buying the Elio can get compared in some ways to buying your groceries. You are just left to your own devices, but if you need help, there’s always someone on hand to assist you.


The Elio comes with air conditioning, power windows, a door lock and seating for the driver plus one passenger. It’s a small and lightweight vehicle, weighing in at just 1,250 pounds or 570 kilograms.

According to McDougal & Breen, the car has a 0.9-liter 3-cylinder motor that boasts a modest 55 brake horsepower. It’s a single overhead cam gas engine and is available with an automatic or five-speed manual gearbox.

Elio Motors also boast that the car will be American-made. With enough orders, they plan to set up a factory in Los Angeles to assemble the Elio car.

Because of its small size, don’t expect much in the way of storage space! You can just about fit a small sports bag in the truck, or a golf club bag if you put the rear seat down.

It’s a curious-looking car, and one that has garnered interest from its nationwide road tour. What are your thoughts on the Elio?