Cloud Network and Help Desk Services

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 6:20pm by Editor

Every contemporary businesses needs to think about updating its IT infrastructure. An upgrade to a cloud network is a very smart move in today’s dynamic and high tech world. Cloud technology is used to remotely manage important files through secure servers. Virtual storage is much more secure than physical storage at onsite hard drives.

Cloud technology

Businesses can purchase hundreds of Terabytes of disc space on virtual cloud accounts. By contrast, servers with such memory capacity are out of the budget of the typical medium size business. Large IT companies have their own facilities that are lined with commercial quality servers and other hardware. Such equipment is essentially leased to any business that wants to enjoy the benefits of cloud networks.

The fundamental concept of cloud technology is remote data access. Two employees, located thousands of miles apart, could simultaneously work on a digital document through a cloud network. One worker may make some changes and then forward a document to be reviewed by another worker. Instant file sharing revolutionizes the way that modern online work is done. Employees don’t have to feel like they must complete work assignments from the desktop computer in their office. With cloud networks, work can be done in any WiFi location. However, cloud accounts can’t just be accessed by random users. In fact, some devices may be restricted from entering private virtual clouds. All computers and other hardware in an office may be manually registered with a cloud account. The secure cloud servers recognize registered devices through unique IP addresses that are associated with a particular office location.

A cloud network can also be set to accept smartphone users. A phone can be recognized by a cloud server through features such as GPS signals, operating system and other unique identification features. Cloud servers use encrypted technology to allow secure entry into private company accounts. 256 bit encryption guarantees that every username and password entry is affiliated with a new random binary code. Cal Net Technology Group is an example of a computer support Los Angeles company that offers cloud services.

The IT department of a modern business also needs to have a 24 hour help desk. Workers should be able to receive technical support on common troubleshooting issues with hardware and software of computers and digital devices. Help desk support often provides assistance with setting up wireless networks and installing software updates on new operating systems.