Calibrating Your Tools On The Spot

Posted on Sep 23 2014 - 5:25am by Editor

Workers who are in the field every day enter people’s homes to fix problems. Other workers are completing construction projects that must be up to code, and still other workers are handling delicate materials. A digital torque adapter from a place like Toolsmith Direct allows the worker to change the torque on their tools without any real effort. These adapters change the way work is done, and they allow workers to handle their jobs faster.

digital torque adapterThe Settings

The settings on the torque adapter allow the worker to change the torque of the tool before they begin to use it. Every tool has a recommended amount of torque, bu there are some jobs that require much more or less. When the worker does not want to break their materials, they need to turn the torque down. When the worker is not getting any results from their work, they must turn up the torque on their tools.

Keep It Around

Workers do not need to keep these adapters on all their tools, but they must keep their adapters close at hand. The adapter can be fitted quickly to make sure that the worker gets their desired results, and they can remove it as soon as they are done with that job. These adapters are not permanent, and the worker can keep several in their tool bag for each of their high volume tools.

The Readout

These digital units make it much easier for the worker to see exactly how much torque is being used. The readout gives a clear reading of what is about to happen, and the worker can take notes on the settings they must use for each item. The worker can create a set of notes that speaks to each of their tools, and they will not have to worry about overestimating or underestimating how much torque they need.

These digital units make working in the field much easier for everyone. The worker who wants to be gentle can stay gentle, and the worker who needs for torque can get it from the adapter. Keeping on the tool belt at all times helps immensely.