Best solution for all of your storage needs

Posted on Aug 15 2017 - 9:34am by Matt Holtzen

Simply Rack is one of the best companies for buying large inventories of both new and used racks, shelving, lockers, mezzanines and other similar equipment for storage purposes. The company offers reasonable prices, excellent customer service and high quality products. You can buy great cantilever racks at a low cost throughout the United States and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cantilever RacksIf you are a business owner or own your own warehouse, the racks are the best solution for all of your storage needs. They are made with quality in mind and are appropriate for storing a number of items, including furniture, lumber, piping, steel bars, tubing and other types of long, heavy things. The racks are free standing and act as heavy duty storage units designed with the ability to hold heavy items horizontally. They also consist of a single vertical column to support all that weight. There is no front column, which makes it easier to transport them for unloading items with a forklift.

In addition to the great quality racks you can buy for your business or warehouse, the company prides itself on offering a number of turnkey projects from AutoCAD layout and design services, installation, transportation and engineering services. With the more than 25 years of experience the company has under its belt, you can rest easy knowing that you have hired true professionals who will provide you with only the best quality services and products.

Choose from your racks, which are available in structural steel and roll form. The best way to select the ones that are best for your needs generally depends on the specific load requirement from your inventory. If you run a warehouse, you need these racks because they are the best quality and available at highly competitive prices. Whether you are expanding or downsizing with your warehouse, you can find everything you need from the freestanding storage racks. The company even provides services to other areas in North America, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.

If you are shopping on a tight budget, you can even choose from rack items that are used from the company’s liquidation products.