Amazing Tech that You Can Get in Second Hand Cars

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 2:06pm by Editor

Over the last decade, new and ever-evolving technologies within our cars have revolutionised our driving experiences. From safety to comfort and convenience, vehicle interiors and designs really have come a long way. Best of all though, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying this too.

Ford – SYNC

You might be under the impression that better tech means a bigger price tag, but you’d be mistaken. If you look into the used car markets you can find some fantastic deals on some nearly new and recent models; meaning you can make the most of all this without breaking the bank.

A Few Interesting Examples

While there may be more typical features and gadgets you invariably find in cars of the last few years, like electric windows, in-built Satnavs, cruise control and sturdy alloy wheels, certain brands can offer specific tech as well. Here are a few interesting examples for you to consider:

BMW Run Flat Tyres

BMW are often praised for their innovative new ideas and fantastic range of cars and as an added bonus to owning one of these ‘ultimate driving machines’, you can enjoy their run flat tyres. Much like the name suggests, should you suffer a puncture, you can still drive on the affected tyre for a time. You get a notification on your dashboard to inform you of the puncture, but rather than having to stop, you can drive to the nearest garage for a repair,

Ford – SYNC

Ford has promised an updated version of their SYNC technology for their vehicles in 2015, but production lines from the last few years can still offer you this great in-car console. Popular models like the already championed Fiesta and Focus range can offer Smartphone connectivity, internet access, voice commands, car diagnostics and Bluetooth adaptors. All from the comfort of your car’s dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz – Active Light System

You’d expect luxury from the Mercedes-Benz range but on many of its estate cars from the last few years you can find their added Active Light System safety feature. This clever technology sees your car’s headlights move with the direction of the road, providing a clearer and more illuminated view. This comes in handy on particularly sharp corners at night time or when visibility is reduced because of the weather.

These are just a few amazing pieces of technology you can find in certain makes in the used markets; should you be looking to buy a car, it’s worth simply asking the seller what features are available. You might be pleasantly surprised.