5 Tips to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Posted on Feb 19 2015 - 5:47am by Editor

None of us can afford to be wasting money. Even less so if you own a small business. The margins are fine, and you need to make sure every penny is accounted for if your business is going to succeed. Efficiency can be hard to track and measure though, making your task even harder. Just try to use your common sense and don’t neglect the possibilities and opportunities offered by the web. Here are 7 tips to put you on the right track.


Think More Proactively About How You Use Your Time

Time can be your most valuable commodity. The problem is, it’s forever slipping through your fingers. I hate to use the tired old cliche, but it’s true: time is money. To save time you could set you and your employees targets throughout the day. It may be worth cutting down on meetings and other unnecessary, time-consuming activities. And do you really need to check your mobile and email account every 5 minutes? These may seem small activities, but the time it takes to do them adds up.

Bolster Your Online Presence

Being seen and known online is a must for any business, efficient or otherwise. But there are ways of making your online presence efficient. A lot of companies don’t realise this. First of all, link up all your accounts. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter profiles are linked to on your main website, and vice versa. You should also embrace SEO (search engine optimisation), so you can drive more traffic towards your website.

Use Cutting Edge IT Solutions

Once your business starts to grow, it can become hard to handle your IT systems effectively. To get the most out of them, it may be best to think about outsourcing. If you hand the reigns to professionals, like netstar.co.uk, you could save a lot of time and money in the long run. These people know their field better than you do. So, by working with them, you’ll get the best out of your systems without any of the hassle involved in managing them yourself.

Collaboration is Key

Efficiency can be near impossible if you and your workforce aren’t working as a team and pulling in the same direction. This means collaboration. If your internal communication systems are below par, upgrade them as soon as possible. Your employees need to be able to share thoughts and ideas quickly and easily. If they can’t do this, they’re likely to stop even trying to communicate and collaborate with one another.

Make Sure Your ISP is Up to Scratch

If your broadband is slow, it’s likely that your business will be slow too. As we all know, almost everything a company does nowadays involves the internet in some form or other. If your internet connection is lagging behind, your productivity levels will be dropping by the minute. It’s easy enough to check which ISP (internet service provider) gives the best coverage and speed in your area. So, make sure you’re contracted to the best provider possible.