5 Technological Advances You Didn’t Know Existed

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 3:37am by Editor

The technological world has been evolving at an astonishing rate for the last thirty years. We’ve seen personal computers, smartphones, and even more cool products reach the markets. However, there are lots of technological advancements most people don’t know exist. Considering that, we’re going to draw your attention towards some of the best devices today. Hopefully, you will feel shocked and impressed by the level of progress.

Hover Boards

Hover Boards

Some people think smartphones are the greatest advancement of our era. However, this beats your iPhone hands down. Ever since the movie Back to the Future hit our screens, people around the world hard been excited about the prospect of hover boards. In 2011, researchers and designers in France created the first functional item. It’s not quite as advanced as the pink board we saw in the film, but it’s still pretty awesome.


Lots of comic book movies show characters wearing an exoskeleton. However, most people thought the idea would never turn into a functional product. American technology companies have worked hard on the design, and now they are available. In most instances, they are used for medical purposes. The devices can give people extra strength to help them to walk. However, many experts feel they will soon have military applications.

Wet Downdraft Tables

In the past, it was incredibly dangerous to work with combustible dust. However, designers have now released wet downdraft tables that solve the issue. The heavy structure is made from stainless steel. It will never melt or become damaged from heat contact. The product could revolutionize the way in which manufacturing companies maintain their operation.

Universal Translator

Believe it or not, there are now digital devices that can handle language translation. The one pictured above is used at the UN during meetings. The device means humans no longer need to perform the translations manually. The users have to put up with a computerized voice, but the software makes it pretty accurate.

Force Field

The science fiction idea of a force field is still beyond current technology. However, there are certain versions of the concept in operation today. The force fields used in the military are designed to disable unmanned aerial vehicles. They can knock a drone out of the sky with a simple burst of energy.

As you can see, there are lots of futuristic technologies available today. They might not work in exactly the way you wish, but they’re still fantastic. Can we expect to see things progress even further during the coming years? Almost certainly. Private companies and government agencies spend billions on innovation every single month. They pay some of the best and most talented inventors in the world. So, it’s only a matter of time before hover boards become a commercial product. Just imagine what it will be like to see young people floating down the street.

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