3 Gun Safe Styles for Safe Carrying On the Go

Posted on Dec 22 2021 - 4:32pm by Editor

If you’re a gun owner who would like to carry on the go, there are a handful of factors to consider when shopping for a vehicle gun safe. The type of gun you carry, the vehicle you drive, and the amount of space you can sacrifice to a gun safe are all things that will affect your decision. Here are three vehicle gun safe styles for you to consider to help ensure both your and your passengers’ safety on the go.

vehicle gun safe


Cargo lock boxes are the most versatile vehicle gun safes by far. Whether you need a lock box for the bed of your truck, the back of an SUV, or the trunk of your car, you’re sure to find a cargo lock box that fits your needs. For gun owners who can’t find a gun safe designed to fit their specific vehicle, a cargo lock box is a great option.

A word of caution when installing your cargo lock box inside of your vehicle! Where you choose to install your lock box may interfere with your vehicle’s electrical wiring or moving seat parts. Keep your vehicle’s layout in mind and install your lock box with confidence.

If you are installing your cargo lock box in the bed of your truck or in the trunk of your car, be sure to choose a lock box that is guaranteed to stand up against exterior conditions. Moisture and dirt that manage to get inside a gun safe can destroy a firearm. Make sure you select a lock box that will keep your firearms protected wherever it’s installed.


Console safes are a convenient way to store smaller firearms. Many vehicles are outfitted with a center console, which makes center console safes one of the most popular gun safe options. However, in addition to their popularity, they’re also the safe style most easily accessible by passengers. To increase the security of your firearm, many console safes come with the option to choose the locking mechanism that works best for you. Center console safes can be equipped with keyed locks, digital locks, combination locks, and even fingerprint scanners.

Keep in mind that while center consoles are convenient, they aren’t big enough to store firearms larger than a handgun. If you plan on transporting a long gun as well as a handgun, you may have to invest in a second car gun safe.


Truck owners have a limited amount of space available in their cabs. An under seat lock box is a great way for gun owners to capitalize on the unused space under seats without taking up legroom. In addition, gun owners who install a lock box under a seat instead of in the truck bed don’t have to worry about protecting their firearm from the weather.

Under seat lock boxes are commonly designed to store long guns, but there are some shorter models available that can fit under a driver’s seat. If you carry a handgun and would rather not install a lock on your center console, then a small under seat lock box might be the perfect solution.

Keep this helpful guide in mind as you choose a gun safe for your vehicle and you’ll be sure to find the safe that works best for your firearm and vehicle needs.