3 Branding Insights For 2022

Posted on Jun 22 2022 - 8:20am by Editor

Branding is the difference between a company that swims or sinks. No matter how solid a company’s product line is or how useful their services are – a company needs to be seen and heard to be successful. In the world of digital workplaces and hybrid work it is important to look at research about customer behavior and reactions to branding in 2022.

1. You Are Expected To Reply To Social Media Comments

Your brand voice and identity has a number of avenues of expression, but the most recent one is social media. Social media gives you the opportunity to put you in front of thousands of potential customers per day. This volume is an incredible resource but needs to be carefully maintained.

Research shows that up to 44% of Millennials expect a social media response within just one hour of a comment, with a unanimous 90% expecting a response within one day.

That’s potentially hundreds of responses that need to be made to meet the expectation placed on your brand, even if you aim for the easier goal of 24 hours.

2. Merchandise Trends Have Changed

Over the years brands have expanded the variety of products that sport their logo. The importance lies not just in making an attractive logo and color scheme, but in actually delivering a feeling in the right way, through the right product.

Anthem Branding are a partner who have done the research and looked into exactly what socks, hoodies, and gifts are right for the 2022 market. Your branding work will get put on the merchandise that most fits your style and is most sought-after by audiences this year. By ensuring your user experience is consistent from the moment they see your logo to the moment they unpack their item you are reinforcing that this experience and product are a true connection from the consumer to your brand, and to you.

3. Express Opinions, Stand Up For Beliefs

In 2022 the public are more connected to the world than ever through social media and other internet-based systems. Everyone can, and does, express their view on whatever is happening that week, that day and even that minute.
Your brand voice is uniquely positioned in the social space. It is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Brands have the opportunity to speak at a larger volume than a standard social media user. It is this power, combined with the expectation of response mentioned earlier, that leads to brand awareness being tied to current events.

If a brand fails to properly account for, react to, or stand against certain social and global issues then the audience of 2022 will project multiple negative traits onto the brand. Not to mention, the opposite happens if the brand takes the leap successfully. Research has shown that if a company expresses a belief well and stands for what it believes in, even if that involves combating a negative comment, they receive a greater amount of traffic from users.

By establishing your brand, putting it on social media, and then following through by being actively engaged on social media with current global events, you guarantee your brand will have engagement.