Which car insurance policy is right for me?

Posted on Nov 9 2015 - 12:47pm by Editor

Choosing the right car insurance policy can be a challenge. There are so many different options out there and so honing in on the best possible product for you may take some careful consideration. However, there are ways to make this process easier. For example, by asking yourself the following questions you should be able to narrow your search down.

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Would third party or comprehensive cover suit you best?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is whether you want third party or comprehensive cover. Specialist broker Chill describes third party policies as the most basic level of cover, adding that they protect you against personal injury and property damage claims made against you. This form of cover is the legal minimum and if your car isn’t worth much, it could be ideal for you. Meanwhile, you can add to these basic policies by opting for third party, fire and theft insurance.

Alternatively, if you’d like more protection, you can choose a comprehensive policy. On top of third party, fire and theft cover, these products will pay out for accidental damage to your car and they often come with breakdown cover and windscreen protection too. Because of their raised levels of coverage, comprehensive insurance policies may give you greater peace of mind.

Could you benefit from a black box policy?

It’s also worth asking yourself if you could benefit from having a black box policy. If you get this cover, your insurer will install a box in your car that features a global positioning system and transmits data via satellite. The company will use this to keep tabs on your driving habits and performance, and it will calculate your premiums based on this information. Insurers look at things like the times of day you drive, how far you go and your average speed on different types of road when assessing your level of risk. If you’re a safe driver, and especially if your mileage is low and you tend to travel during off-peak periods, black box policies could save you cash.

Which extras do you need?

Once you’ve decided which style of policy you want, you’ll need to think about the extras on offer. For example, do you want to pay a little more to protect your no claims bonus and would you benefit from including legal cover that would protect you if you got involved in a driving-related lawsuit? Other policy additions can include breakdown cover and the provision of courtesy cars if your vehicle is out of action. When you’re deciding which extras to go for, see how much they will raise your premiums by and make sure you check the small print for any exclusions and conditions.

By asking yourself questions like these, you should find it quicker and easier to hone in on the perfect policy for you.