Top Must-Have Features & Accessories For Your Car

Posted on Aug 2 2016 - 6:44am by Editor

All drivers are keen for their car to run as smoothly as possible. But there is so much more to the joy of driving than that. The interior of the car is also very important, as are its features. There are so many features these days, it can be hard to distinguish the essential from the unnecessary. The good news is that many of the latest features are huge safety-buffers. This is a huge relief for many people – we all know how dangerous driving can be. Anything which improves your experience on the road while making you safer is likely to be popular. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best of the latest features and the oldest features.

inside car

Comfortable Seats

It might sound like a basic rather than a feature, but this is more important than you might realise. The fact is, being comfortable makes a huge difference to your overall driving experience. Comfort is not just a matter of feeling at home in your motor – although that is important, too. It has certain safety benefits as well. The more relaxed you are while driving, the less likely you are to make any silly mistakes. That’s why the seats in your car actually play a very central role in keeping you as safe as possible.


One piece of technology which has really seen some great results is forward-collision warning. This nifty little feature is something which you are likely to see more and more of in the near future. But what is it, exactly? Put simply, FCW uses lasers, radars and cameras to assess your speed as you close in on an object ahead. The system then alerts you to a potential crash, usually through the use of visual or auditory signals. This is a great little piece of tech which has already saved countless lives. Look for it in your next car.

In-Car Breathalyzer

One of the most common causes of car accident is intoxication, either under alcohol or another substance. Of course, most drivers know that you should not drink or drive. However, you never know when you might be accused of doing so completely unfairly. If you find yourself in an accident, it might help you to be able to prove on the spot that you are sober. That’s where the personal digital breathalyzer comes in. These gadgets are gaining increasing popularity at the moment, as people are seeing the benefits they have for legal defence. Having one is likely to make the job of Scheiner Law a little easier in defending you.

Backup Camera

Similarly to the FCW, backup cameras make the process of reversing a walk in the park. It is often the case that backing up into a tight spot can seem impossible. Not to mention that all cars have some kind of blind spot somewhere. With backup cameras, you can ensure a clear view of the entire rear side of your car. This is a most useful piece of technology which could save you money on that paint job. Just be sure not to rely on it entirely, but to look out the mirror as well.