Helpful Tips for Future Owner-Operators

Posted on Mar 15 2016 - 8:25am by Editor

Any kind of help can be appreciated when you’re about to make a huge, life-altering decision. For some truck drivers, being an owner-operator is not a big deal; they will still be doing the same thing they have been doing for years. For others, it can be the change of a lifetime.


Not only will you be venturing out “on your own,” but you will be able to freely choose how much and when you want to work. It can be overwhelming at first, but there are a few helpful tips to get things going in the right direction for you as you transition into one of many owner-operators.

Don’t overload yourself with too much work when you first become an owner-operator, because you’ll want to gauge your schedule and see how much time you have to actually spend on every load you decide to take.

While overloading yourself isn’t a good idea, it’s also important not to skip out on too many jobs. You may find that creating your own schedule can cause you to slack on some of your loads, which can be harmful to your financial situation.

Never get too comfortable with your position. If you’re finding that you need to learn a new piece of equipment or start taking different routes, then don’t hesitate to choose different loads or begin training on a different kind of vehicle. Doing the same thing over and over can be exhausting, so mix it up any way that you can.

Keep a financial cushion for anything extra you may need down the road. While a good DOT compliance services can provide you with discounts and deals for your equipment, you’ll still have to care for your repairs, compliance and other things you may need to remain successful on the road.

Being successful isn’t something you can just wish for, so putting every tip you receive to good use will ensure that your career as an owner-operator is headed in the right direction.