Eyes in the Back of Your Head: Rear View Camera Buying Tips and Tricks

Posted on Dec 17 2016 - 2:58am by Editor

Going out and installing a rear view camera in your car or buying one that’s already equipped, isn’t just a good idea, but soon to be mandatory. By 2018, the Department of Transportation in the United States will require all new vehicles to be created with these. That will spread all over North America and eventually to other countries. It is only the future for cars that are getting smarter and more high tech. The biggest reason for this push is simple; they make the care more safe and effective.

Rear View Camera

Benefits of Camera

There are so many benefits to buying a rear view camera. They provide vision for all lit environments. There are times; like in the dead of the night you’ll need the extra vision a rear view camera adds. They’ve been proven to be much more effective than a rear view mirror. If you have pets or children running around they’re invaluable. There are also kids and animals running around the neighborhood that aren’t your own and deserve the safety that comes with a camera.

You first have to ask yourself what system works best for you. Those of you who are out on the market, looking for a car should check out what’s new and sporty. A Dodge Challenger for example is both. It comes equipped with a rear-view camera and everything you could dream of in an affordable sports car.

Choosing the Right Camera

Rear view cameras aren’t much help if you don’t have a screen to view it out of or plug it into. The type of rear view system you’ll need depends on what you have on your dashboard already. Those with a touchscreen can plug in a camera that will provide rear view video input. If not you’ll have to look at what your other options are.

There are some brands out there that offer rear view cameras that will match up with systems already in your car. These are specifically designed to blend in with the back of the vehicle and look the exterior of the car.

If your car doesn’t have any room on the dashboard for a touchscreen or doesn’t have a pre-existing one, there is still hope for a rear view camera. Your rear view mirrors can be integrated into a replacement with cameras and monitors. You can actually look into your mirrors and see a camera feed instead.

Additional Options

There are also dash-mounted cameras that can be used to send you a feed of what’s behind you. These will fit in where the original touchscreen would have gone. All touch screens are weather proof and sensitive with their sensors. These come with CCD or CMOS sensors. They cover both traffic and light to provide you with the full spectrum of what’s behind the car.

You’ll want to make sure whatever camera you pick comes with a lot of other features. Some of these include: parking lines, mirror images and angle view change. They can help you determine what’s behind you and the details you want to see.

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