6 Simple car fixes everyone should know

Posted on Dec 24 2021 - 1:32pm by Editor

Some people are simply crazy about cars. They know everything about their vehicle’s engine, battery, alternator, radiator, etc. However, not everyone shares that passion. Lots of drivers perceive cars as any other machine and will call a mechanic whenever they encounter a problem.

Whether you’re interested in cars or not, you should be able to perform some basic fixes. The last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t know how to change a flat tire.

 car fixes

Now, we’re not saying you should know what are compression springs in your car seat. However, you should definitely learn some basics.

1.   Performing an oil change

Regular oil changes are crucial for the engine. This small maintenance task will significantly prolong its life expectancy and ensure it runs better. Everyone who has a car should learn how to change oil, regardless of their enthusiasm.

First, lift the car so you can get below it. Unscrew the plug and move a bit to the side so that oil doesn’t splash all over you. Drain the previous oil, unscrew the filter, empty it, and then put it back into its place alongside the drain plug. Remove the cap and pour new oil.

2.   Changing a tire

Almost all drivers will encounter a flat tire at one point in their lives. While you can drive on a flat tire for a bit, it can cause major damage to your wheels. So, it is much better to remove it and put a new one. Like oil change, it is a basic fix that requires simple tools.

First, make sure to remove all the lug nuts. Your car needs to be on a jack stand while you’re doing this. Once you remove the nuts, you should proceedby removing the flat tire. Replace it with a new one and put the nuts back on. Remove the stand, and see if the lug nuts are holding fast.

3.   Replacing a better

You never know when a car battery will go out of commission. It can stop working without any warning leaving you stranded on a small country road. Although changing a battery is rather easy, you need to do this at home. Among others, this is because no one has a spare battery in their car.

Start by removing the covers from your old battery. Remember the position of the cables and slowly disconnect them (both negative and positive clamp). Once that’s done, remove the screws, put a new battery in the place of the old one, and put the clamps back on. Make sure that each clamp goes on the proper charge.

4.   Replacing spark plugs

Spark plug change is another simple fix that anyone can do. These small parts are positioned within the cylinder, and as the name suggests, their main purpose is to create sparks. By doing so, they can ignite the gasoline, thus starting your vehicle. They will likely go out after approximately 10,000 miles.

First off, you need to find them (which is tricky for some people). Start by removing interface items, that is, spark plug wire. Next, you need to disconnect the electrical connector from the coil. Now, it’s time to remove the faulty spark plug. Before that, make sure that the engine has cooled off. Once a new part is in place, you can return the wire, and that’s that.

5.   Removing paint scratches

Although paint scratches do not affect your ability to drive the vehicle, they look really bad. Hiring a professional to remove them can be very costly; most body shops will ask several thousands of dollars for this service. However, you can take matters into your own hands and remove the scratches yourself.

Start by checking the depth of the scratch. Take sandpaper and slowly even out the area. Clean it properly and then, use a rubbing product to polish the surface. Wash it, and wax it.

6.   Putting new wipers

Putting windshield wipers is very simple and you can even get it done at a gas station. The only thing you need to consider is finding the right replacement product. Although wipers are such a small part of the vehicle, they are crucial during bad weather. You can even argue they are more important for safe driving than some other parts.

First off, make sure to lift the wiper from the windshield. By pressing the tab, you can remove the previous blade. Put a new one in, make sure it’s in line with the arm, and push it, so it fits tight.