Bose QuietComfort 30 In-Ear Headphones Is Comfortably Fit

Posted on Jul 19 2016 - 9:19pm by Daniel Fisher

Bose recently introduced Soundsport wireless earbuds namely: the QuietControl 30, that offer Bluetooth wireless connectivity and adaptive noise cancellation.

The QuietControl 30 is a set of wireless in-ear headphones with up to 10 hours of full active noise cancelation. Importantly, they feature what Bose is calling “controllable noise cancellation,” that lets you adjust noise-cancelling levels via the company’s Connect app or, better yet, directly from the in-line remote control. Unfortunately, the new QuietControl 30 won’t be available until September for $299/£230.


The QuietControl 30s sit comfortably in your ears, along with a black plastic band that wraps around the back of your neck. They’re called QuietControl (as opposed to QuietComfort) because Bose always lets you adjust the level of noise cancellation using either an application on your phone or physical controls on the earbuds themselves.

They also feature Bose’s StayHear+ tips, which enable the buds to be attached to your ear without needing to be completely snug in your ear canal.

The in-ear QC30 headphones offer even more in the way of new features than the QC35. This model uses a total of six microphones for its noise cancellation, but in a first for company, the QC30 offers adjustable noise canceling, allowing you to adjust how much of the outside world they block out or let in.

The fact that Bose has managed to include noise cancellation in a pair of the in-ear headphones is impressive, and the fact that it’s managed to also implement its first ever variable noise cancellation is the more impressive still.

We’ve set to see whether using a pair of noise cancelling headphones while out and about is necessarily amazing idea, but having the ability to set the level of noise cancellation at a low level is a helpful feature when used in this way.