Nixeus Moda Pro: New Full Size Mechanical Keyboard With Premium Metal Chassis Build

Posted on Aug 12 2016 - 7:50pm by Daniel Fisher

Nixeus released their new full size mechanical keyboard, namely: MODA PRO. The new Moda Pro from Nixeus, however, is a great and amazing entry-level option for anyone curious about entering the world of clicky keys in style. It’s a full-sized keyboard with the white keycaps and a solid aluminium and steel body, coming off as an oversized take on Apple’s current Magic Keyboard or a extra solid version of what Apple shipped with iMacs about a decade ago. As with a few other recent keyboards, the looks and design is essentially frameless.

nixeus moda pro

The Nixeus Moda Pro is also pretty in that shiny-white-Apple kind of way. The review unit has white keys backed by the Cherry-MX blue switches. The keys are accented by a shiny, silver (military grade) metal back plate. This new keyboard also comes with a selection of keys and a keycap remover if you really want to replace a handful of keys with their Mac equivalents.

The Moda Pro ships with a Windows layout by default, but comes out with Mac keycaps and a tool to easily remove the pre-installed ones. You can, of course, use it with either OS just fine and there is no dedicated software necessary, but I think the appeal will be more obvious for the Mac owners. Just switch the keys out, assign the bindings in system preferences, and you’re away.

The Moda Pro comes out with Kailh Brown or Blue switches. And no LED backlighting. This is a straightforward keyboard that relies on a silver design and striking white keycaps for its bling.

At $74.99, the Moda Pro is pretty cheap for a mechanical keyboard.