HP Plans to Resell White-Box Networking Hardware

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 9:04am by Editor

The world of hardware and networking is one that is constantly evolving and changing. But, in the face of the new digital era, there are going to be some changes to the way in which HP conduct their affairs too. The exciting announcement that HP is going to resell their white box networking hardware has taken the world by storm.

As the hardware is becoming more and more commonplace, people want to ensure that they get their hands on the latest tech. HP has decided that is going to start selling generic networking devices. By doing this, it can ensure that users of the HP Brand are getting a more robust package all-round. But, more importantly it can ensure that HP fans and Apple fans can collaborate in a more detailed way. The cheaper white box can ensure that customers are getting a better deal.

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There has been pressure for larger companies to adopt the white box techniques. After all, they are cheap and easy to use. But, they also give users a greater experience in the main. As switching devices can be costly for some customers, HP has ensured that by using white box technology that customers can have a better deal. The hardware components from larger brands can be very expensive. As such, more people have been going down the ‘build your own PC route’. For companies like HP, this has been damaging.

The switch is said to be able to deliver better results to customers. By doing this, HP can ensure that its customers are getting a better deal. They can ensure that they have consultations via their company. But, tech support can be sought out too. All this, combined with IT Certifications at http://Simplilearn.com can guarantee that customers are getting a fairer deal. After all, when it comes to their hardware needs people need to save money. The segment switch will generate over $8 billion for the computing brand.

The products, however, won’t be available to purchase until late March this year. Of course, the white box trend is now taking over in many companies. From hardware to software, companies are buying networking boxes to ensure that they are offering customers a better deal. But, this is not just a great deal for customers. After all, switching between vendors can be difficult. That makes the whole process of installing and implementing network hardware more difficult. But, now, with a white box technology customers don’t have to commit to a particular vendor. Businesses can see tremendous revenue for opting for these cheaper alternatives.

HP are leading the way with this kind of awesome tech. But, it is said that Dell and Juniper will also be using these third party arrangements in their company too.

There are more calls for the computer industry and the networking industry as whole to come up with more affordable solutions. If these giants want to stay on top of their game, then this is the obvious route that they have to go down.

White box technology is making it cheaper and easier for everyone to be digitally aware. Now, that mega brands like HP are on board, the transition will be easier all around.