PowerDock fast wireless charging dock is designed to efficiently charge your mobile devices

Posted on Jul 20 2018 - 2:29pm by Daniel Fisher

If you are searching for a combination mousepad and QI wireless charging dock then the PowerDock created by a team of developers based in Los Angeles California may be worth more investigation. Offering the ability to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously the wireless fast charging dock and power bank is now available to back via Indiegogo with earlybird pledges available from $98. Offering a considerable 50 percent saving off the recommended retail price of $198.

PowerDock Fast Wireless Charging Dock Design

The PowerDock is a well-designed and versatile fast wireless charging pad that measures only 0.35 inches in thickness. As we can see from the images, the charging dock shows off a minimalistic and ultra-thin appearance design, so it decently matches with any mobile device and you can effortlessly slide it into your bag for portability. Meanwhile, the aluminum finish not only provides enhanced durability, but also delivers modern elegance.


PowerDock Fast Wireless Charging Dock Features

As a fast wireless charging dock, PowerDock supports up to 10W output for Android phones with QC 3.0 and up to 7.5W output for iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus. Furthermore, i5 comes equipped with 10,000mAh rechargeable battery pack so that you can use it to charge your mobile devices on the go, and three USB-A ports allow you to use it as a regular charging station or portable power bank, while an extra USB-C ensures it’s powerful enough to charge your USB-C laptop.

Moreover, the PowerDock intelligently detects the connected devices and provides ideal output based on different devices. It also protects them from overcharging. In addition, the aluminum design makes it serve as a premium mouse pad for quick and accurate control.

PowerDock Fast Wireless Charging Dock Price

The team behind PowerDock is raising fund for the product on Indiegogo. We can pledge $69 to preorder the fast wireless charging dock. It will be shipped in August 2018. Want more efficient than this, then the Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge is best option that’s unveiled at marina bay sands events calendar.