Fujifilm SQ20 Instant Camera shoots square, Instagram-like photos from the digital sensor

Posted on Feb 23 2019 - 3:40pm by Daniel Fisher

Constructing on the features of the Instax Square SQ10 that it launched in 2017, Fujifilm has introduced the SQ20 Square-layout digicam.

Like its predecessor, the SQ20 is a hybrid device presenting digital photographs as well as immediate prints the use of its Instax film gadget.

So, what’s new? Notably, the SQ20 becomes the first among Fujifilm’s range of Instax cameras to shoot video, though clips are limited to just 15 seconds and have no sound. Its primary purpose is really to enable new photo effects, among them Frame Grab that lets you pick out and print your favorite frames from your video clips.

For example, in what Fujifilm calls “Motion Mode” the Instax square SQ20 lets in you to shoot a video – at maximum fifteen seconds in period – after which pull out the best moment from it. That is probably a puppy stuck in mid-air, or someone leaping off a diving board. you operate the 2.7-inch lcd show and scroll wheel at the returned to pick out your favored shot.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Instant Camera Features

Motion Mode with collection filter out, in the meantime, attempts to hold greater of the experience of movement within the still. It provides the shadow of movement up until that body: the swing of a person’s hair, for example.

On the still photo side, there are new modes there, too. Time Shift Collage takes four sequential photos after you press the shutter button once, putting them together into a single four-frame shot. Collage allows multiple images to be priced together into an irregular frame, meanwhile.

On the camera side of things, there’s a square sensor which captures at 1920 x 1920 resolution. It’s paired with an f/2.4 fixed focal length lens with 4x digital zoom, the latter being a first for the Instax series. Photos get single-point autofocus, while videos use continuous autofocus.

Onboard storage is sufficient for around 50 still images or thirty seconds of video; the idea is, of course, that you print your shots, rather than store them. It can be expanded with a microSD card, however. Prints use the Fujifilm Instant Film Instax Square, with the camera holding enough for ten prints at a time. Each print takes around 12 seconds to complete, and you can do so straight after shooting or later, after you’ve had a chance to review your shots.

Battery life is up approximately 100 prints, from the built-in li-ion battery. It changes via MicroUSB. Fujifilm has added a pair of shutter buttons – one on the left and one on the right – so one should always be within reach, and instead of a pivoting LCD there’s a self-shot mirror to the left of the lens that allows you to line yourself up. There’s also a timer.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Instant Camera Price

Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ20 camera comes in two colors — beige and matte black — and will be available globally for $200 from October 20, 2018.