Fermata Is A Headphone Charging Stand Designed To Cut Down On Desktop Clutter

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 9:06pm by Daniel Fisher

Twelve South just revealed Fermata, a beautiful stand that not only holds and showcases your premium headphones but also a full charging station which keeps you powered up. The Fermata is available in either silver or black, and there is a soft leather saddle to hold the headphones, and the stand itself is made out of the aluminum.

Fermata Design:

The Fermata is crafted from the aluminum and is designed to house a set of on-ear or over-ear headphones such as Apple’s Beats Solo2 and Beats Solo3 wireless version. The headphones rest on a leather-covered hook, which is just designed to make sure the headphones do not rub against anything.

Fermata charging stand


Fermata Features:

There is an integrated charging cable to juice up the headphones, and Twelve South has included a separate USB port so you can connect your iPhone or iPad as well. Meanwhile, this new stand itself will charge through a standard wall outlet thanks to the AC wall charger, which also comes out with a 2-meter charging cable.

The built-in USB port provides two Amperes of power at five Volts.

There is also a reversible micro-USB connector built into the arm of the Fermata, which can be pulled out to connect to the headphones that are charged via USB. When not in use, charging cable tucks back into the back of the stand.

Fermata Price:

The Fermata is priced at $79.99 and available in Silver or Black. It comes with an include AC wall charger and a two-meter charging cable.

The accessory is now available for purchased in the United States and Japan ahead of its second variant that will include a wall plug for the UK, Europe, Australia and China when it starts shipping later this month.