WordPress Hosting – What Should We Choose Managed or Shared?

Posted on Mar 30 2017 - 11:26am by Matt Holtzen

Perhaps you have come across these two terms before, Manage or shared wordpress hosting, but are not clear on a few things yet, or might be you do not know about what are the advantages, benefits or harm of both services? The aim of this article to provide and aware you about shared and managed wordpress hosting, and compare both services.

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Managed WordPress hosting is a professional service, which controls and maintain the technical things and task of a wordpress site. Mostly, business and institution sites choose managed wordpress hosting because it offers invaluable performance and highly-tuned, WordPress-optimized servers and is also provides a lot of advanced services.

On the other hand, shared wordpress hosting can be a great option for individuals, bloggers or independent contractors. It is the cheapest hosting service and caters to the most common needs of a huge variety of websites in a very low price.

This means the Managed wordpress hosting is technically superior than shared hosting in almost every way, because it can able to cover more challenging and technical task of a wordpress business site, where the shared hosting failed.

Difficulties with Shared WordPress Hosting

We face a number of difficulties with shared hosting, but the most common issue is “bad neighbor effect”. In shared hosting, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of users are put on the same server. Because of this sharing the server in many websites can cause to affect our site. The server has a fixed memory, if one website exploits more than its fair share of the available memory, so in that situation all the other sites housed on the same server will experience issues because of this one site. This essentially means that one affective site can cause thousand of unrelated sites to load slowly, or some other issues.

Apart from the memory, there is also some other issues arise that relate to bandwidth, processing power, storage and everything has to be shared between those accounts, which housed on a single server.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

By choosing the Managed wordpress hosting, you will not be only able to get rid of the bad neighbor effect, but also get a number of benefits, such as:

  • Slow running websites can lose their viewers and ranking, because people cannot wait to load the page of your site. Managed wordpress hosting service can increase the speed and performance of your site that can be beneficial for your site. Because it has a great impact on your viewers and search engine rankings.
  • The most important benefit is the security, the managed wordpress hosting provided exceptional and high-level security to your site. This hosting service also conducts daily backups and provide you bundled of softwares.
  • The managed hosting service also offers customer supports at any time and get ready to help, and to solve your problems. When you have issue on your site, you just contact your hosting provider, it will help you in both common and complex issues.