5 Places to Install Hi-Tech Cameras Around Your Home or Business

Posted on Dec 20 2018 - 10:28am by Editor

The best places to install your home or business’s high-tech security camera system depends on viewing angles that can catch intrusions at the most vulnerable points. Research shows the majority of burglars and other criminals approaching a house or place of business are deterred by seeing camera security systems. Here are five must-have zones where hi-tech camera systems can best monitor your home or business:

Install cctv Cameras1. Above Your Front Door

As many as 34 percent of all burglars use the front door as their entry point. You’ll want to have one camera covering the front entrance from the outside at an angle that covers as much surrounding area as possible. However, many burglars anticipate this type of surveillance and have ways of tampering with the camera. You can prevent this by placing your front door camera at the second-story level of your home or business. If there’s only one story, one option is to protect the camera inside mesh wiring.

2. Back Doors and Side Doors

Any door is a vulnerable entry point you’ll want to cover with surveillance, including back doors, patio screens, side doors and store shipment entrances. If authorized personnel are allowed to come and go outside of normal business hours, you might want to use a camera that can detect and lock in on a moving person so that identifying details can be captured and prevent false alarms.

3. In Your Office

Whether it’s your home office or your business’ office space, it’s likely to be filled with the kind of technology burglars can’t bypass. Not to mention, it contains the sensitive information identity thieves are looking for. You want to secure your workspace with high-quality cameras that not only record footage, but also trigger alerts when they detect intrusion while you’re away. Thermal cameras are able to detect motion even behind obstructions and in the dark to maximize coverage for invasion and theft. Lorex camera systems are equipped with sensors that can send you an alert when someone enters or objects are moved.

4. The Reception Lobby

The lobby is a high-traffic entrance area every business needs to cover with a quality surveillance system. It’s also a place where business owners like to make a good first impression, which is why you might consider setting up a discreet camera in the lobby that blends in with the décor. However, you want to check your state laws to make sure your covert camera setup is legal.

5. Store Rooms and Restricted Areas

While outdoor cameras are critical for preventing and catching criminals attempting to break in, indoor surveillance can also be effective for deterring and identifying thieves. Store rooms house critical inventory, expensive equipment and sensitive documents. To help counter theft and keep an eye on employees, security camera systems can monitor areas that are restricted to authorized personnel.

Sophisticated Security Systems

Safeguarding your space is a necessary investment, and the most sophisticated features typically have the greatest pay-off. When it comes to setting up your security camera system, you want to consider features like night vision and high image resolution to ensure the surveillance footage captured is insightful. You also want to consider cameras that zoom in so you can pick up on details required to identify intruders, license plate numbers and other key information in the event of a crime.