How Virtual Reality Displays Can Benefit Your Business

Posted on Mar 28 2018 - 11:24am by Editor

Over the last few years, technology has developed at a rapid rate touching almost every area of our lives. Among the innovations that have become commonplace are virtual reality displays, which allow us to project and experience a 3D image of a planned, or otherwise inaccessible, environment.

Virtual Reality

Originally developed for gaming purposes, the application of this technology in the business world has been widespreadin different industries.

What’s Are Virtual Reality Displays?

Initially,virtual reality displays were produced using a cumbersome helmet-mounted device, but now there is also the option of the far more wearable optical head-mounted display. The latter is more akin to a pair of glasses, and for that reason far more manageable.

Either of these devices can be further enhanced by using a VR CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). In other words, a small room where images are projected onto the walls.

Such arrangements are great fun for an afternoon team building, whether you want to shoot zombies, or smash fruit with a hammer. But they also offer a more serious solution to doing business on a global scale.

Business Applications

We all know it’s far better doing business face-to-face. We know too that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ideas can be shared more easily through a visual environment, and our insight and understanding are increased through eye contact and gestures.

This is where a virtual reality display can be invaluable. Imagine you’re planning a new development. A whole new built environment, but all you have to show is a patch of waste ground and a few artists’ impressions. Virtual reality means you can take your client for a walk through the streets and squares. You can give them a better impression of the scale and the layout, pointing out items of interest on the way. And all in your own darkened room.

Small Scale

For an architect the benefits are obvious, but what if you make more modestly proportioned products? Virtual reality displays offer you the chance to showcase your product before it’s created. Think about that gaming environment? You can pick up that hammer in your hand. It’s almost tangible.

Now if that hammer was your product, you could hand it to your client and let them inspect it in 3D animation. They can get a better appreciation of the size and usability of your product, and properly visualise how it would fit into their environment.

The obvious area for using such technology is at a trade show where you want to demonstrate a product that is still at concept stage. Even if it’s a product that you’ve already created, you can provide a fully immersive interactive experience in the comfort of the display hall.

Find Out More

When selling high value goods it’s always important to provide an effective demonstration. Find out more about how virtual reality display systems can help market your products by contacting Antycip Simulation, Europe’s leaders in COTS based software and hardware technologies.