4K Ultra HD And Full HD LED BRAVIA TV Line-up From Sony

Posted on Jan 8 2014 - 11:28am by Editor2

This season’s big-screen BRAVIA line-up from Sony offers stunning pictures and premium sound complemented by ground-breaking styling. You’ll also enjoy exciting new ways to explore and interact with all your favourite TV content. The 4K TV offering expands to 3 series made up of 7 models. And the Full HD range includes 6 series with 14 models. All of these series will start going on sale in Spring 2014.


Detail-packed, high contrast pictures

The new BRAVIA TVs put picture quality right at the top of the agenda. Whether you’re watching in Full HD or detail-packed 4K Ultra HD, you’ll be pulled right into the drama and emotion of every scene.

Pictures are brighter and more powerful than ever with new X-tended Dynamic Range™ that boosts contrast for sparkling highlights and deep blacks. The range-topping BRAVIA X95 is the ultimate for picture quality as it exclusively features X-tended Dynamic Range PRO that provides deeper blacks, more detailed gradation and higher peaks. It keeps energy consumption low by precisely dimming the backlight for dark areas of a scene and allowing three times the electric current to be applied to bright areas when necessary. With a unique algorithm that supports such efficiency, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO displays black areas darker and bright areas brighter – letting you see a much higher dynamic range of brightness[i]. By minimizing light leakage and managing backlight levels for each screen area, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO can replicate extremely dark and extremely bright scenes.

If watching sport is your preference, 4K/60p is the ideal standard to watch fast moving content and the new 4K TVs from Sony have the ability to show this best as they all support the latest HDMI standard, HDMI 2.0. These TVs are also compatible with MHL 3.0 which supports 4K output from smartphones and tablets. In addition to incorporating a new decoder which supports HEVC codec decoding and can playback 4K/60p contents from Internet streaming services, such as Netflix[ii].

With 4K models, everything is immaculately up-scaled by the powerful 4K X-Reality™ PRO processing engine. Whether you’re watching 4K or HD, Sony’s special 4K image database ensures lifelike textures, dramatic colours and contrast.

Unique to Sony, TRILUMINOS™ Display continues to evoke the full emotion of every scene with rich, vivid reds and emerald greens. Everything looks as real as you remember it: skies and seas, lush fields, faces and more. You’ll also get excellent results if you’re viewing photos and videos captured by latest cameras and camcorders from Sony that support TRILUMINOS™ Colour.

Innovative form factor ‘Wedge’

Add a fresh edge to your living room with the striking new form factor ‘Wedge’. It is designed to increase stability in an era when screen sizes are getting larger. Lowering the TVs centre of gravity achieves a smaller pedestal size than conventional TVs and means it can be placed against a wall or on a narrow table without needing a big, bulky stand.

TV models with the subtle Wedge structure allow more space inside to accommodate new 2-way “Long Duct Speaker” and Magnetic fluid Speaker. The shape increases the capacity of the speaker box which reproduces rich powerful bass and less distortion of sound.

The BRAVIA X9 retains the sensational sound that’s a signature of its front-facing Magnetic Fluid Speakers – unique to Sony – that deliver unprecedentedly clear, powerful full-range audio. The damperless design now employs a new Mica-reinforced Glass fibre material that reduces distortion. You’ll hear the difference with stunningly-articulated mids and highs, whether you’re listening to voices, solo instruments or dynamic rock.

Selected models feature a new port replicator that streamlines cable management without cramping your style. From games consoles to Blu-ray Disc players – all your connecting cables are neatly organised at the back.

The bigger, clearer new sound of BRAVIA

Featuring right across this year’s BRAVIA range[iii], incorporate “ClearAudio+”. “ClearAudio+” is an audio technology which combines a variety of Sony’s unique audio digital processing technologies to produce high-quality sound. This technology creates an immersive experience by reproducing clear vocals and a wide range of sound with authentic clarity.

To boost with the big screen experience in the home with rich, powerful deep bass sounds, an optional wireless subwoofer, SWF-BR100, has been introduced. Easy to set up and cable free, the wireless transceiver simply plugs into the TV and automatically tunes itself to cut off frequency or phase.

To give the sound from your TV extra impact, Sony recommends pairing with the HT-CT770 Sound Bar, a stylish way to hear intimate dialogue. Or slip the HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker discreetly underneath your TV, its thin powerful woofer delivers deep base for big explosive on-screen action and the beautiful glass top keeps it smart and solid. For a complete 5.1ch experience opt for the BDV-N9200W Home Cinema System, it brings Blu-ray Disc™ movies and music to life, plays back Hi-resolution audio and features five Magnetic Fluid Speakers. This surround sound unit uses Sony’s unique surround digital signal processing technologies to provide the feeling of being at a live concert or a movie theatre.

Smoother, faster, effortless entertainment

Great pictures and sound are matched with a fresh, fluid user experience. Browsing content is easier with BRAVIA’s super smooth and intuitive new interface, One Flick Entertainment. The new UI allows you to view network content such YouTube, and personal content like PlayMemories alongside conventional digital broadcasts. You can access the menu by simply flicking upwards with the new “One-Flick Remote.” By flicking up and down, you can easily and quickly navigate a variety of content. The channel at the top is called “Top Picks”, and shows current most viewed programs or Video on demand (VOD), photos and videos from your friends, plus recommended content based on your viewing habits. It allows you to discover new content through the TV.

Quick TV start-up gets you straight to the content you want, with less hanging around. TVs turn on in less than 2 seconds[iv] and apps like YouTube launch directly from the home page even faster than before. With BRAVIA you can find and watch what you want almost instantly.

Interacting with your TV has never been more intuitive with the new One-Flick Remote. Comfortably browse what’s on screen and quickly choose and view content using the touchpad remote. You don’t even need to point the remote at the TV screen when you’re on the sofa. NFC is embedded in the remote for fuss-free wireless connections with other mobile devices: One-touch mirroring instantly shares what’s on your smartphone[v] with the big screen for everyone in the room to enjoy.

Brand-new Social Viewing makes TV even more of a shared, interactive experience. Follow other peoples’ tweets about the show you’re watching on screen. Use the built-in camera and microphone to chat with friends and families via Skype while you’re watching TV. Video quality stays crisp even in low light, while Sony-unique echo cancelling technology keeps the conversation clear for everyone.

Live Football Mode puts you right in the heart of the action on match day, optimising pictures and sound for an authentic stadium experience with lush grass, silky on-pitch action and the roar of the crowd ringing in your ears. The sleek new interface even integrates news and highlights from FIFA. Touch a button and instantly cut the commentator’s voice when you want to focus on the nail-biting action with no distractions.

Photos and Videos[vi] can be uploaded to “PlayMemories Online”, Sony’s image cloud service, from your smart phone, tablet or PC and easily access via your TV to see them on a big screen in clear and beautiful 4K quality with 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA TV. Look at your holiday photos as a slideshow, while playing background music of your choice, and reminisce with family and friends.

You can also access the premier photo community, “500px”[vii] where you can enjoy high-quality 4K photos from around the world easily through the TV.

The new BRAVIA range of 4K Ultra HD and Full HD LCD TVs from Sony is on sale in Europe from Spring 2014.