5 Reasons Why You Need An Apple iPad In Your Car

Posted on May 9 2014 - 2:41pm by Editor

One of my most-favourite gadgets of all time is the Apple iPad. This popular tablet device has been on the market for just over five years now and is currently in its fourth generation. I like using my iPad because it means I can check my email, surf the web and launch all kinds of productivity apps wherever I want, whenever I want.

Need An Apple iPad In Car

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Because of its small size and the fact that it’s extremely light, I have recently taken to using my iPad in the car!


I know that some people might use their smartphones in the car, mounted to the windscreen or dashboard in some way, but I have found that the iPad offers more functionality for me than my smartphone. Here are five reasons why:


Reason #1: Satellite Navigation

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A separate satellite navigation device will cost you at least £150 for a decent, mid-range model, and they don’t offer a big enough screen in my opinion. You could always use your smartphone for the purpose, but again the screen size is too small.

But with the iPad, the screen size is big enough to make it easy to locate where you are and small enough to be fitted to your car’s dashboard (yes, you can get iPad dashboard mounts!) or used by a passenger to provide you with driving directions.

Reason #2: Games

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Obviously you can’t play any computer games when you’re driving, but when you’re on a long car journey, and you want to pull over for a break, you can relax and play a game of Angry Birds or similar on your iPad!

Plus it’s also a great pacifier to use when you have bored kids in the car with you. Just make sure you’ve packed your 12v iPad charger with you before you all set off!

Reason #3: Computing On The Go

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When you’re out on the road, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying around a bulky and cumbersome laptop with you!

One of my friends works for harratts.co.uk as a manager, and a lot of the time he has to travel between different locations for work. He finds it extremely useful to use his iPad for emailing and surfing the web when he pulls over for a rest after a lot of motorway driving.

Reason #4: FaceTime

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If you and your family are going on a road trip somewhere and your kids are bored with playing games on it, they can use a 3G/4G iPad to make FaceTime calls to other family members and friends! It’s an awesome way of passing the time (and keeping the kids quiet)!


Reason #5: Photography

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One of my favourite features of the Apple iPad is that it has a good camera built into it!

This makes it perfect for taking snaps on the go, but if you are a photography buff and you have a digital SLR camera with you, for example, you can connect your camera to the iPad so that you can view and edit photographs on it during your travels!