4 Ways Audi Are Pioneering Car Technology

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 10:55am by Editor

Technology is moving faster and faster every day. The cars of tomorrow will feature gadgetry that we didn’t even know existed. They will help us to drive more safely. They will be more intuitive and they will synchronize with our everyday lives. Cars will also become more fuel efficient and harness renewable energy and technology. The quest for more efficient and safer cars is never ending.

Audi R8 1

Audi are at the heart of this growth. They are pioneering some of the best new technology that will soon be standard in our vehicles. That includes assisted driving, better eco technology and new building materials. Audi are exploring the future. Some of this technology is already creeping into their newest models. The new TT for example is one the most technologically advanced cars on the market. Others will take a year or two, but they are coming.

Thanks to Jorg Baldzer for the image.

Wireless charging

Audi don’t yet have a fully electric car, but they’re only a year or so away. When they do, it will come complete with wireless charging. Instead of plugging into your house mains, it will use an electromagnetic system to charge. One magnet will be installed on the ground, the other underneath your car. When you park over it, it will automatically charge the battery.

Next Generation Parking Assistance

We’ve all heard that self-driving cars are on their way. Even closer are self parking cars. Audi is pioneering technology that will help your car find an empty parking spot. You can then get out of the car and the Audi will park itself. When you want to get back in, simply hit a button. Your car will leave the spot and wait patiently at the entrance to the parking lot for you.

Virtual Cockpit

This already exists in the new TT. You can lease a new Audi now at autohouse.co.uk/new-cars/audi and own this technology. Speed dials and rev counters of old are gone. They are now digital displays and can be made larger and smaller to your tastes. You can also call up maps and entertainment. It all displays right in front of your nose so you never have to take your eye off the road. It also responds to voice commands. Audi are also developing gesture commands and other intuitive driver controls.

New Build Materials

The German company have already made many car chassis bodies 40% lighter using aluminium. However, they are now beginning to work in a special plastic and carbon fibre hybrid. This makes the car even lighter allowing for more power and better fuel efficiency. Audi’s distinctive LED lights are also getting an upgrade. They will soon feature organic LED lighting. They are more flexible, lighter and more efficient.

The cars of the future are not too far away. If Audi keep developing at the rate they do, the world of driving will look a lot different. Even in ten years, we will be driving cars with features we never knew were possible. We will be driving safer, more efficient and more powerful cars.